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Fun, Modern, Customizable Wedding Ceremony
If you want to know how to officiate a wedding ceremony and are looking for nonreligious or nondenominational wedding ceremony scripts, you’ve come to the right place! My reliable process is quick, stress-free and enjoyable. Simply email the ceremony documents to your couple and ask them to copy and paste their favorite selections into the “ceremony outline” and for them to email the completed outline back to you. That’s it!


Fully customizable with over 80 ceremony combinations
Detailed instructions for you and your couple
Streamlined and simple process
Contemporary verbiage that’s easy to say
Time-tested material used by over 1000 couples


Happy couples who love having choices
Stress-free, guided process from start to finish
Confidence that your ceremony is unique
Smiling guests who will enjoy themselves
Happy couples who feel connected to their ceremony

Your ceremony will be engaging, lively, original and thus, memorable. The modern wedding ceremony doesn’t have to sound like Shakespeare, using words like thou, shall and thine. Your couple and their guests will connect to the casual verbiage.

My ceremony material works great to bind couples of two different faiths, unite nonreligious or nondenominational couples, include children from previous relationships, or help the couple to start their own tradition.

Simply email the ceremony documents to your couple and ask them to copy and paste their favorite selections into the “ceremony outline” and for them to email the completed ceremony outline back to you. That’s it!

Follow my detailed instructions for a quick, fun and stress-free experience.

Your couple will have over 80 different ceremony combinations to choose from. Their instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the process is fun. They’ll know exactly what to do. My process is designed to be stress-free.

Your couple will have three different “welcoming guests” to choose from. Two are laid-back and celebratory and one is sincere and faith-based. This is where you speak to their guests and thank them for coming.

Your couple will have four different “opening commentaries” to choose from. This is where you speak to the couple directly. Two of the options are laid-back with a few jokes, one is about love and one is faith-based and sincere.

Scripture is usually read during religious ceremonies. In a nonreligious ceremony, we have to fill the space with something and that’s where readings come in. I tell my couples that they’re welcome to find their own readings, but that I’ve done the work for them and have compiled over 35 readings to choose from. Readings are usually read by the officiant, but can also be read by guests.

Imagery is usually used to incorporate symbolism and metaphor, to get guests involved, to create a keepsake for the couple, and even to start their own tradition. I offer sixteen different pieces of imagery to choose from; unity candle, sand ceremony, wine sharing, letter box, wine box, blessing tree, etc.

Read this article for more detail.

Couples usually find imagery to be the most confusing part of their ceremony, simply because they have to move and then do something. I’ve detailed exactly what to do and how to help your couple feel calm and confident. You’ll look like a pro.

For extra help and to be even more comfortable, check out my video training here.

Not many couples write their own vows. Not to worry, they’ll have plenty of options. My contemporary vows sound like normal, everyday English. Your couple has eight different contemporary vows to choose from, or can mix and match the sentences to make their own!

Traditional vows are what people normally think of; for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do we part. If your couple writes their own vows, they’re often followed by a traditional vow. Your couple will have six different traditional vows to choose from or they can mix and match sentences to make their own!

Before your couple exchanges rings, the officiant normally blesses them or at least explains the tradition of exchanging rings. Your couple will have four different ring exchanges to choose from.

Are you ready to be married? It’s time to send them off smiling! Your couple will have four different pronouncements to choose from, including a group pronouncement where guests repeat after you and then everyone yells, “Kiss the bride!”

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