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It’s not only what you say. It’s how you say it. Having great ceremony material is only half the battle. The rest will come from your delivery. My video training will show you where to pause, inflect your voice and guide you through the entire process from start to finish. My “cheat sheets” will help you look like a pro on stage.


Access to over 80 training videos
Guidance for all imagery options, unity candle, etc.
Matt’s “cheat sheets” for all ceremony material
Strategies to keep your place as you look up and back down to read
Extra tips and tricks while at the wedding
Extra sentences and material not included in ceremony material package


Reduced nerves or anxiety
Improved timing and stage presence
You’ll sound genuine and authentic
Improved body language so you’ll look like a pro
Calm couple because they’ll trust your confidence
Friendly, smiling faces in the crowd

There’s no such thing as being too prepared. The video to the left will show you how being prepared will allow you to effectively deal with unexpected distractions. This couple loves the outdoors and hiking, so they decided to have their elopement at the base of a popular hiking spot. The yelling kids nearby didn’t phase me because I was prepared. How will you react when a baby starts screaming during your ceremony?

Product Details

If you want to know how to officiate a wedding ceremony, start by being prepared. If you use the video training I’ve created and practice, you’ll do great! There’s video footage of all ceremony material and the “cheat sheets” I’ve made will help you to inflect your voice on the right words. The cheat sheets will also help you keep your place as you look up from the book you’re reading from during your ceremony.

Sample Training Videos

Wedding officiant script: A sample from my “cheat sheets” is below. Not only does underlining remind me to inflect my voice on certain words, but also helps me keep my place as I look up and away from the book I’m reading from during a ceremony.  Read along as you listen to the Unity Candle training video above. It’s the second one in from the far right.

“Bride and Groom have chosen to symbolize their commitment through lighting the unity candle. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the unity candle, it’s meant to represent two lives becoming one through marriage. We’d like Bride’s mom, Name? and Groom’s mom, Name? to come up and join in the ceremony. They’ve asked their moms to light the outside candles because they lit their lives. It’s an expression of love, a way of saying “Thank you” to all of their parents for bringing them to this amazingly special point in their lives. Together, Bride and Groom light one candle from two smaller candles as they acknowledge their union as husband and wife. As their individual flames come together, the single flame burns much brighter, symbolizing their strength in marriage. By allowing the flames of the two smaller candles to remain lit, they agree to respect each other as individuals. Bride and Groom are each unique people, but have chosen to be bound together as one. From today forward they will fully share the “ups” and “downs” of life and their plans truly will be mutual.”

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