Roughly half of the weddings in my town are ministered by people who get ordained online to officiate for a friend or family member. My goal is to help those online ordained ministers. If your couple looks at bridal magazines and thinks, “That’s just not us.” Then, my wedding ceremonies are probably a great fit!

My best friend asked me to officiate his wedding in 2007 and while I was honored, the process of putting his ceremony together was overwhelming. The ceremony samples I found online either sounded dated or were far too traditional or religious for him and his wife. In addition, the process of getting their approval on what I might say was inefficient and took far longer than it could have. I had to write my own material and create my own process. It was worth my effort! Officiating his wedding was a super rewarding experience and I received lots of compliments afterward. People told me that I found my calling and that I should officiate weddings for a living, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!

Your couple isn’t typical so their ceremony shouldn’t be either! Nonreligious and nondenominational wedding ceremonies can be fun and modern. My material has come together through trial and error after officiating hundreds of weddings since I began in 2007. The words are written in a way that makes them easy to say and my process for building a ceremony couldn’t be easier. My ceremonies don’t sound like any that guests have heard, making the experience fun for everyone involved.

You can include only those elements that are meaningful to your couple. My ceremonies can be spiritual without being religious, unite two different faiths or cultures, unite a same-sex couple, may include children from a previous relationship, can involve guests and even be used by the couple to start their own traditions.

My goal is for your ceremony to ROCK! I want the guests to beam smiles at you during the ceremony and afterward, tell you that your ceremony was the best they’ve been to. I want you to be so thrilled with your experience, that you couldn’t imagine recommending anyone else’s ceremony material to others who get ordained online to officiate for a friend or family member.

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